Thursday, March 20, 2008

{Leaning Tower + Holga}

By the way, it is a pain to bring film when you are flying. Everyone looks so put out when you ask them to hand check your film. The Salt Lake Airport security personnel insisted on opening up all my film boxes and wrappers. He realized about halfway through that they are all sealed and he actually didn't need to be doing that. I guess there isn't so many people trucking film around these days. Big sigh.
This brings me to another point--how helpless I feel at airport security. Case in point, JFK. We pretty much got snapped at the whole way through the security process. We didn't have our boarding pass properly tucked into our passport quick enough, Scott didn't have his hat or sweatshirt off fast enough (through all the airport security checks in Salt Lake and Italy he never had to do that so we didn't know). To add insult to injury I had them hand check my film. We were just a hassle from start to finish.
I'm pro airport security, but whatever happened to service with a smile? This is one place though where you don't want to make anyone mad or complain--they have the power to strip search you.
I remember being in college and hanging out at the airport with my cousins. This seemed like a fun thing at the time. We people watched and bought a pretzel and were so, so cool. One cousin (who will remain unnamed) told security she had a gun in her purse. All we got was a lecture. Stupid then, unfathomable now. A lot has changed since I was 18.

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Shan & Andrew said...

I actually got my metal side table at Kohl's a couple of years ago. It was actually a little bistro table that came with 2 metal folding chairs, but I used it as a side table. IKEA also has a black metal side table that's really cute! And it's only $20! We got one for our bedroom! Good luck! :)
P.S. I love your pictures!