Thursday, March 6, 2008

{Freezing Fiesole}

Okay, so it is officially freezing today. It is so, so, so cold. All my cute spring clothes are chillin' (literally) in my bag, and I'm wearing the same long sleeve shirt over and over again. It is supposed to stay cold the whole time we are here and maybe snow when we are in Cinque Terre. Boo! We are going strong still, just moving a little faster. Everyone here is complaining as well--I guess this is very unusual. I do have a knack for bad weather.
Today we decided to get out of the city and head to a small hill town about 15 minutes away. It has an amazing view of Florence and was very quiet. Maybe 5 tourists? Everything was closed, but we did the walk to the lookout point. There was a pretty walk from the church down to the cemetery that we had fun exploring as welle. One can only imagine how lovely it is here when it is warm. It is where people go to get away from the heat in the summer.
I found a very cute (and cheap--only 30 Euro) red leather purse at the only open shop. The purses run at least 80 Euro in the city, and Scott got to have his longest conversation in Italian with the owner. The pictures below are of Fiesole and a random one of the hallway outside our hotel. Scott is showing off a pose he learned from the Uffizi, and I'm still smiling despite the bitter wind. We are going to Venice tomorrow so that should be interesting. Thank goodness I brought my winter coat!

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