Wednesday, April 30, 2008

{Final Names}

Hello again. I think I have narrowed it down, finally. Some of the names, thanks for pointing that out Tara, have already been taken as far as domain names go. Do you think it is weird if I have the same name as someone else in a different state? Also, I agree with Tara that Red Poppy Photography doesn't roll off the tongue. I love poppy, but that has been my hold-up with that one.
That being said, here are the final ones. I'll put a star by it if it is taken. None of the names exist in Utah at least. I'm glad I didn't go with Lindsey. There already is a Lindsay Jane, Lindsay Hale and a LS photography in Utah.
Mom, I like your idea of having by Lindsey Stewart underneath. I might try to incorporate that. Oh, I should probably say that I will market for weddings and on-location photography. I like urban settings, railroad tracks, meadows, etc. I think my style will be similar to what I did at Silver Pelican, but focusing more on outdoors and maybe more casual. So the nominees are,

Yellow Bird Photography
Blue Sparrow Photography
Little Bird Photography
Azure Blue Photography
Azure Lane Photography
Azure Sky Photography
Blue House Photography
Cafe, Blue Cafe Photography,
Blue Bird (already taken)
Green Apple Photography *domain name taken*
Red Poppy Photo
Red Poppy Photography *domain name taken*
Red Poppy Studio *domain name taken*
Red Poppy Design and Photography
Red Poppy Design and Photo
Poppy Lane Photography (thanks Katie!)
Poppy Meadow Photography
Green Sage Photography
Painted Daisy (I decided no on this. I like it, but it does sound too country)
Peach Street Photography
Blue Lane Photography
Willow Tree Photography
Green Button Photography (I love green button flowers)

I hope I went in the right direction with these. I didn't want it to be cheesy, contrived or on the other end ultra modern and edgy. I can't find a combination of photography words I like, shutter, focus, etc all have been used and so seem overdone. I guess whimsical is the right word. I don't mind being feminine, but I don't want to seem like I am only a children's photographer (which would be way easier to come up with a name).


caitlin said...

I guess I should have told you this earlier but, Lemon Grass is a really popular Thai place downtown, so that might get confusing. Also Elle Photography is taken and they actually come into Replicolor.

My favorites from your list are Green Button and Painted Daisy. I also am a huge fan of Red Poppy, but if you don't think it rolls off the tongue what about Red Poppy Design and Photography? But that might be too long.

I don't know, thats my two cents :) Good luck.

caitlin said...

You are seriously going to get sick of all of my comments, but I was talking to a friend of mine and she said that Painted Daisy reminded her of a country shop or Indian Reservation store. (that never occured to me, but I thought you might want an outsiders opinion that doesn't know you)

She liked Green Button, Peach Street and Red Poppy.. Okay, I promise I am done now!

Whatever you choose you are going to make it incredibly fashionable and darling. (And I still really like Painted Daisy.)

Tyler & BreeAnn Fankhauser said...

My faves are Azure Blue, Painted Daisy (it does sound a little country, but it could also be very urban as well, it just depends on who is looking at the name) I like Yellow Lane, and green button a lot! YOu have some great names! I was going to mentin Yellow Hay Photography to you and Cherry Lane, but you have a lot of great names! Fun stuff.

Rylee & Katie McDermott said...

What about Poppy Lane Photography?

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

No, I don't think it would be weird to have the same name as someone else in a different state, BUT you would have to change your domain name around so people wouldn't go to the wrong site.

My new favorites:

Azure Blue Photography
Poppy Lane Photography (i like this one, but for some reason I had a flash back to Mary Poppins. Sorry, I'm weird)
Green Sage Photography
Painted Daisy (i still like this one, but I'll be honest- I thought of a saloon when I first heard it, but that quickly went away)
Peach Street Photography
Green Button Photography

I like the "Lane idea" but yellow lane is a little tricky to say (a lot of L's). Blue lane is better.

I LOVE the word "azure" but maybe with a different word behind it. It just feels like you're saying blue twice. Maybe "azure sky" or "azure lane" or something?

Sorry, if I'm being too picky. My top two are Green Button and Azure, and I like Peach Street (ok top 3 :)

Scott and Lindsey said...

Thanks guys! I love that you are being specific. I would hate to pick a name and then realize after I have paid for everything that it is totally stupid. It is crazy how many names have so many different connotations. I know I will find one soon. Your feedback has been wonderful!

shan & andrew said...

My fav is Blue House Photography.

What about Hip & Humble Photography? I know it's a boutique in Salt Lake, but I've always loved that combo.

Anonymous said...

I asked work and they all like Red Poppy. One gal looked up business' in Utah and there is only one Red Poppy Salon. There are several Willow Tree, Azure Sky, Blue Sage and Painted Daisy. They thought Red Poppy stood out and grabbed you. I also like that one very much.


Rob & Kelli said...

I really like the idea of Red Poppy Design and Photography. And the Green Button Photography is growing on me-especially with a logo of a green button flower. Painted Daisy is still my favorite, but I can see how it has a country feel to it.