Tuesday, April 29, 2008

{More Names}

Thanks so much for all of the great ideas. I loved all of them. I really appreciate all of the support. So, I started to narrow down my list, but then I thought of a few more and then my list grew and grew. I am sorry if this is getting old. I promise I wont bother you this much on every single idea, but for now...

Green Meadow
Yellow Meadow
Bits and Pieces
Green Button
Yellow Dot
Sweet Grass
Green Circle
Red Letter Photography
Chic and Shabby
Sweet Clementine
Wild Poppy
Yellow Poppy
Sweet Clover
Sweet Pea
Green Pea
Green Sage
Wild Sage
Green Apple
Painted Daisy
Wild Blossom
Red Boots, red shoes, blue shoe photography?
Blue Design Photography
Lime and Pears, or anything that could have an and in between (hip and humble, rose and radish)
Scarlet Pear, Red Pear?
Red Buckle, Scarlett Buckle?? Yellow Buckle
What about something with a street or lane in it...oh, I guess I already said windy lane. Pear Street, Apple Street, Blue Street, Green Street, Red Street (sounds violent), Yellow Street ?
Blue Lane, Yellow Lane
Maple Leaf
Yellow Leaf
Dandelion and Peony, Dandelion and Pear
Lollipop Photography (I love the look of a lollipop)
Red Carnival Photography?
Cotton Candy Photography (would people think I'm too sweet with no substance?)
Red Pier, red wheel

Maybe I am using too many color adjectives. I am having a hard time coming up with something else. Okay, okay, I am stopping. I am, as always, random in my thoughts. If I could narrow it down to 10 I would be in good shape. I think I need to stop thinking of new ones and just go with ones of these, unless of course someone has more ideas and then I can start all over again. Yay!


Rob & Kelli said...

Lindsey, I am so sorry for the weekend you had. You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers. The thing I keep thinking about is...you have such a driven personality that you WILL find success in all aspects of your life. I know you will. And you have a great concept going for your business. I too am a fan of whimsy, boutiqueish names. I am definitely feeling it for the Wild Poppy or Painted Daisy-flowers always win for me. I also love the Sweet Pea idea. Hmm...so many fun choices.

Rob & Kelli said...

Actually I like Red Poppy better than Wild Poppy.

Rob & Kelli said...

Chic & Shabby???

caitlin said...

I totally agree with rob and kelli, I like red poppy much better than wild poppy just because I am not sure how wild makes me feel. Also I am thinking of how great the design aspect would look with a simple artsy red poppy. I like simple though.

Bruce G. Stewart said...

I like painted daisy because of the possibilities and the freshness. You're on the right track! Lynnette

shan & andrew said...

for a kids photographer I think Pocket Full of Paisley is cute

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

Ok, here are my choices from this list:

Green Meadow
Wild Sage
Green Apple
Painted Daisy
Maple Leaf

Ooh, I love all of these, but my favorites are probably green meadow, wild sage, and green apple. For some reason, I'm stuck on Green Apple. Green apples are just so fresh and sweet tasting, AND they are very artistic and bright. You could have a great, stand-out logo.

One thing to consider, is how the name flows when you say it out loud. I have a hard time saying "poppy" or "pea" before photography, but that's just me, and I have a hard time talking anyway ;). Just make sure you say the name out loud a few times to make sure it rolls off the tongue.

Also, check godaddy.com to make sure that domain name hasn't already been used. You don't want to come up with a great name only to discover that someone else already owns the website :(

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

Doh! I just checked godaddy.com and greenapplephotography, wild sage, lemongrass, and mapleleaf were all taken. I think painted daisy and green meadow were still available. You'll have to check on the others.

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

Ok, last comment :). I like these words, but i'm not good at putting multiple words together. HA!


Hope that helps!

Taryn said...

Lindsey- Hey mom had a good idea that you should put under your name on your card or blog, By L. Stewart. I think that this a good idea so people remember your name. Example: Red Poppy Photography (in small letters by l. Stuart) What do you think?

Taryn said...

ok I am a nerd, I just spelled your last name two different ways! Sorry