Wednesday, April 23, 2008

{I Love to Eat}

I love going out to eat. I especially love to eat at fun, local restaurants. Scott and I have lots of favorites and I thought I would share a few of our finds over the years. These are tried and true loves, places we eat at over and over again. Some, I like more for their breakfast (Ruth's) and other's for their lunches. We both are HUGE fans of Italian, so a big majority of our places are pasta and pizza joints. I love bakeries too. I can't resist a glass case full of little, pretty yuminess.
Yesterday, we decided to try somewhere new, Italian of course, and so headed over to Fratelli's, a restaurant that some of Scott's co-workers recommended. When we got there, we couldn't help noticing that the owner looked so familiar. We couldn't place him. Did he date one of my friends, did I photograph his wedding? Finally Scott put it together (after tasting the house dressing). He worked at Cannella's, a place Scott and I have been going to since we worked together at First Security over 10 years ago. We used to walk there on our breaks (it is, obviously, a favorite). Cannella's is a great lunch place, family run. Dave (finally found out his name) always helped us there. We found out last night that Cannella's is owned by his aunt and uncle and he decided last year to open his own restaurant with his brother. Yay, for locally businesses.
The food was yummy and fairly inexpensive ($9-$13). I ordered gnocchi (yum, homemade) and Scott got a meat dish, as always. The food was simple and hearty. We will definitely be going back.
Unfortunately, we don't go out to eat as often as we used to (house poor), but I have posted a list of my favorite places to eat on the right side bar anyway. Let me know if you try any of them and what you think. We are always looking for new places to try as well. I'd like to know where you all love to eat (other than home, of course).


caitlin said...

I love, love Cannela's. My Hub and I found it a year ago and and now are ADDICTED! (we even had our friends surprise party in the basement)

My favorites for breakfast are Ruth's, Pancake House, and Blue Plate Diner.

For lunch it would have to be Cucina Deli (which I am sure everyone would agree)

For dinner we love Red Iguana (super cheap) and Charlie Chows. Oh and since you love italian you should try Stone Ground. It's great cause it's cheap and tasty, plus you can play pool whilst you wait for your food.

Sorry I am just a serious food nut, so I get really into this!

Oh! I almost forgot our absolute favorite Thai place(SAWADEE!) if you haven't tried it you MUST seriously! Ok, I am done with my nerdy ravings!

caitlin said...

Okay, I just read your faves and it looks like I told you most of the one's you have already tried. Oopsie... Well anyway I am glad we share the love of food!

Rob & Kelli said...

Lindsey, I am with you on this one. I really could eat out at least once a day forever. I love to eat too. Although, the house poor aspect does put a major STOP to all eating out. Enjoy some of the local flavor for me-I miss it!

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

Ah, man... I miss eating out :(

shan & andrew said...

We've never been to Cannela's but now we're definitly trying it out! My all time fav is Trio- just a classic for me! OOOH and I LOVE the Red Iguana!
Snap- now I'm hungry!

We used to eat out a lot more than we do, but we're saving for a house and it's healthier to eat in! Thanks for the great post!

Marianne said...

You forgot Blue Plate Diner. My favorite place, but rarely eat there is One World Cafe. Ooooh and I love the Beehive Tea Room.

Rylee & Katie McDermott said...

I'm so glad you posted those since Ry and I are moving down in a week. Now we can find some local favorites since we will be leaving :'( our favorites in Logan.