Monday, April 7, 2008

{Look What I Did}

Following peoples blogs can be a dangerous thing. Case in point, Shannon's blog. She posted about these really cute shoes that she purchased at Black Chandelier for 50% off--well actually she got them 75% off. She is the second person who told me about Black Chandelier's amazing sale and so I thought I would check it out. You can see the damage in the photo above. I had 3 cute pairs in my arms (yes, Shannon's yellow shoes were one of them) when the sales clerk said if you buy 3 you get a 4th one for free. Sold! I knew it was so naughty, but I have an itching for Spring and Spring clothes. Sure, it snowed today and is only 25 degrees, but one can still dreamy of balmy, 60 degree weather and the cute skirts and flats that go with it.
So, I bought my 4 pairs of shoes for 50% off. I refuse to feel guilty. You might ask why I have 2 pairs of yellow shoes. The answer is not that yellow is my favorite color, but that the green ones were out of my size (a sad side effect of being a latecomer on such an sweet sale). I was all set to pay when I noticed the Holgas off to the corner. I decided to quickly browse those, when the sales girl informed me, smart gal, that they were 30% off. I decided to follow the philophosy I use when I have eaten too many treats--continue the badness for the rest of the day and resolve to do better tomorrow.
The Holgas were pretty fancy, all gussied up in their Lomography packaging fineness, but what really caught my attention was a turquoise blue Diana. It was so cute, I couldn't resist. I completely excuse my purchase because it was only $35 on sale, and came with an nifty photography/story book. A bargain deal, if there ever was one.
I came home a little embarrassed by all my boxes, but decided to photograph my pretty shoes anyway. Scott didn't care and only accused me of loving my new Diana more than him.
I blame Shannon.


shan & andrew said...

Bwah ha ha ha ha! (evil laugh) I am sooo glad you got the shoes and camera! I may be a bad influence, but you've got 4 new fabulous pairs of shoes and a great camera to play with! :)
I wanted to buy the Holga too, but I refrained...for now. I might go back to get it...we'll see!

Anonymous said...

I'm wearing my yellow ones as we speak. Whenever I get a new pair of shoes, I have to walk around the house and prance a bit. When I was a kid, I used to wear my new church shoes (or any kind of shoes for that matter) in the garden and immediately get them dirty. I don't do that anymore.


Tara and Dan Stewart said...

ooooh cute shoes!!!