Tuesday, April 29, 2008

{Thank You}

Wow, thanks so much for all of your kind words and advice. It means so, so much to me.
Having this blog has really been a blessing. I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends in my life. I am starting to calm down a little. What I know for now is that I have a job through May, after that I'm not sure. It is all up in the air for now. I'm not sure if someone will buy it or if the customers will be turned over to another studio or if there will be a longer transition period than just May. I'm not sure if I will be continuing with my wedding clients in the summer or not. I know that they will take care of all the old customers one way or the other, so I hope I didn't panic anyone. It has been a dark weekend, but I think I am beginning to see some light.
Oh, Caitlin I like Bumblee Bee. I think that is cute!
Here are some other ideas for names that I have had (all of these would have photography on the end),
Photography Names
Poppy, red poppy, wild poppy, etc
Cypress (it is an album company, so it might be lame to use it)
Clover or sweet clover
Sweet pea (maybe better for children photography, which I would do too)
Painted Daisy
Green Apple
Bumble Bee-Thanks Caitlin!
Red Barn
Picket Fence
Lane, Windy Lane
Red Brick
I like the idea of citrus, carnivals, fresh cut grass, dandelions...all things to do with spring and summer
Maybe something with fresh??
Color Names would be good to (maybe I should look at some paint stores?),
Scarlett/RedTurqouise, Lemon, Yellow, Lime, Green or maybe a better name for those colors,
Maybe something with shoes, red shoes or yellow shoes?
Sage, or blue sage, yellow sage, wild sage
I like names like Cactus and Tropicals, Rose and Radish, Whimsy, Roots, Red Lantern, Artichokes and Co, Simplicity, Frosty Darling. Those are all names already taken that I think are fun. I like all of those directions.
Man, I'm so confused. Let me know what you think and I will try to come up with some more.



caitlin said...

ooh I like the poppy idea too.(you could design something super classy and simple to go with it) I think you are totally headed in the right direction.

i also thought about sweet pea, or green pea, but it does sound sort of like children's photography.

you have great taste, you will figure it out.

Tyler & BreeAnn Fankhauser said...

I love Wild Poppy, Painted Daisy, Green Apple and Picket Fence, and Windy Lane. What about
Slice of Lime Photography? I also like Wild Sage. You have lots of good names! Autumn Leaf? Fresh Lemon Photography? Just random thoughts!

Tyler & BreeAnn Fankhauser said...

me again..what about something with the shoes Mary Janes? and a color? I don't know if that name is pattened or what but it could be cute. Wild Blossoms Photography? Cherry Blossoms Photography? Cherry Tree Photography?

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

ok, my favorites from this list are:

Green Apple
Picket Fence
Painted Daisy

Green Apple is my favorite of the three. Ok, now I'm going to read your next list :)