Tuesday, April 22, 2008

{The London Eye, 2005}

I loved going on the London Eye (big ferris wheel) on our 2005 trip. It was one of the few times that London was actually quiet for me and we got such a great view. Was it worth the $100 for both Scott and I to ride it? I think so. Scott would probably say no. Most people think I am the practical one, but that is sooo not true. I am the one who pushes for all our vacations, or any other expensive item as well. I think I was too practical in high school. I saved all my money and had $7,000 by the time I graduated. Wait, that is a good thing. I should probably be more like my 16-year-old self.
Scott is also a better disciplinarian than I am. Poor Oliver is experiencing that. Of course poor Oliver isn't that poor. He is getting so much love it is ridiculous. I'm sure he thinks he is amazing. He doesn't understand at all when people on the street don't want to come over and pet him. Don't they know he is a pretty big deal?
Anyway, this is a pretty random post. I tend to ramble. Sorry. I will try to post something fascinating and concise next time.


Marianne said...

So, friend, Penny has been invited to a neighbor's birthday party. Pretty strange, but exciting. I hear the family even gives out goody bags to all the dog guests.

caitlin said...

I love your "rambling". Love the photo too.

I can't believe when you were 16 you saved. I was the kid who couldn't spend my money fast enough. Nothing to show for it though. I suppose I could have learned a thing or two from 16 year old Lindsey..

shan & andrew said...

I think I'd pee my pants if I rode on that! I freaked out when I rode the giant ferris wheel at Lagoon. I swore every movement and creek meant that we were either going to tip over or our seat/cart was going to fall off. I'm terrified of heights...
...and I had a bad experience on a ferris wheel. But it is a lovely picture!