Wednesday, April 30, 2008

{Green Apple Photography or Red Poppy Photo?}

Okay, I know most of you have voted for Red Poppy Photo and I really like it too. I just have been having a hang up about how it rolls off the tongue. So, I am not totally discounting the idea of using Poppy and I know that no one has voted for it, but what about Green Apple Photography? I know Tara liked it, hopefully it sounds good to some more of you too.
I went to lunch with Pepper today and she had some good ideas regarding marketing Green Apple Photography. She said it would be really easy to brand Green Apple. I could send caramel apples to every bride that books as a thank you gift (cute!) and I could have green apples in the store (oh wait, I don't have a store). Both Green Apples or a Red Poppy would be a cute logo and I like both colors (maybe red a smidge more). Both names are taken as far as domain names go, but neither are local.
Green Apples make me think of fresh, clean, sharp. Pepper pointed out that they are unique (way more red apples than green apples). Also, G comes sooner than R for advertising purposes, but there is a Shabby Apple clothing store that is local. I'm not sure if I should worry about that.
Red Poppies are a fun color and would make a cute logo as well. I could also do cute branding with poppies. I just think it sounds funny when I say it. If I was a design company I think it would be really cute. Red Poppy Design.

It is crazy how so many names are already taken. We would come up with something, google it, and find out it is already gone. I guess as long as it isn't local, I shouldn't worry about it.

So, the two options on the table are Red Poppy Photo or Green Apple Photography. What do you think?


Rob & Kelli said...

Okay so I'm leaving yet another comment...the Green Apple instead of Green Button definitely works better. It's a great idea-I am totally torn between Green Apple and Red Poppy though. I know that is not much help but I really don't think you could go wrong with either onr!

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

Green Apple is still my favorite out of all the choices. I can just see you having a really cute logo and website with bright spring colors- AND a really cute business card. I love the idea for the thank you apples, too.

"Photo" instead of "Photography" sounds a little less professional to me, but it does roll off the tongue better with "poppy." Oops i almost wrote poopy instead of poppy. Ew, that put a whole new spin on the name with the color. LOL :) Guess that's a concern, too. haha

Since both domain names are taken, you would have to come up with a different web address, even if the company name is the same. You could add some hyphens or a word like Utah or LS, etc. (Like or green-apple-photography) You just need it to be different enough so people won't go to the wrong site.

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

By the way- I have some info on where to go to get business licenses, what kind to get, etc.- i just have to find it. I will look for it and email you tonight.

caitlin said...

I really like the idea of apples for the brides. I think you have a point with how it rolls off the tongue, although I like how Red Poppy looks better...and I think it is slightly more memorable.

That all being said, I asked my husband and he votes Green Apple (he said it makes him think about how he used to eat them, and good memories) And I vote for Red Poppy.

It sounds like you might like Green Apple more though so go with what makes you happy :) Plus either one is fabulous and reminds me of fashionable Lindsey

Taryn said...

I like Green Apple, didn't I think of that one?:) So of course I love it! I also thought of some more but a different direction. Should i even tell you, now you are more decided. I asked my friend Mandie about Photoreflect. She said they don't charge you to just view proofs but if you want people to be able to order they do charge a fee. Also, she said about credit card stuff that she used to use a company online, she would enter credit card numbers online so she didn't have to have an actual machine on hand (higher cost). She also thought you could use paypal. i thought that this is a good idea. You could send an invoice and have them pay through paypal. I am not sure what kind of fees they charge but at least you could compare and see what would be cheaper. Love you

Tim, Amber, Avery & George said...

I LOVE Green Apple Photography! It totally fits you! I think you could do some really fun things with marketing, like your friend mentioned! Yeah! I am so glad you are on your way and that things are working out with your work! You deserve the very best! You are such a hard worker and you are so good at what you do! Yeah for YOU!!

Eric Farewell said...

I dig Green Apple :-)
Of course, I'm also a big fan of Blue Shoe Photography... but then, there might be a good reason for that ;-)

Beat Slot Machines said...

What words... super