Wednesday, July 2, 2008

{Business Update}

It has been two months since I have started to start my business. I was hoping I would be further along than I am, but man, things take soooo long. First I had to come up with a name, and that took a lifetime in itself. Then there was all of the licensing, then I needed a loan (which took FOREVER (Sand Lot impersonation) to get--thanks Deseret First for financing me) and then I needed to buy all of my software, computer, camera, etc. You would think that part would be fun, but it was super scary putting down all of that dough.
I'm starting to get there (I think), but there is still so much left to figure out. My to-do list is scary. I'm official enough that I can make an invoice for you (doesn't that just make you want to pay me money?), but I still need to fine tune all of my graphic design (finish that logo), figure out which green I really want to use, figure out how to take credit cards, get a tax person, buy insurance and build my website. Which brings me to the real point of this post. I think I'm done choosing the winning engagement pictures for the website. Here is the link, Engagements (go to galleries, engagements). What do you think? Yay, nay? Are there anyone ones you just hate, that make you gag, and think I would never, ever in a million years hire that loser? I'm starting to lose perspective, so some of yours would be great. I appreciate any input. Hopefully in another 3 weeks I will be much, much further along!


shan & andrew said...

Oooh lovely photos!

Oh, you won an award on my blog! Check it out!

Robin said...

I LOVE the bluejean legs one and the green background one where the couple isn't entirely in the shot. Clearly my taste is not traditional as I don't care so much about the subjects being front and center. :) You're doing great!

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

All of those pictures are so good! I just love how your capture "moments" rather than poses. Your photography is very real and people will really appreciate that. Yay for getting your business going!