Thursday, July 3, 2008


I'm still in shock, so I'll keep this short. Today I did maternity pictures for Silver Pelican. I knew that the lady wanted naked pictures. I didn't know she wanted buck-naked pictures of her, her 3-year-old and her....husband. That's right. I was photographing 3 nekked people today. I tried to keep the complete shock off of my face as they all disrobed. I was all like, so do you want to cover up with a scarf, or are you wearing undies? and she was all like no, not really. I was an art student. I shouldn't really be shocked by anything, but apparently I'm just a little innocent. For the record, they were really nice and all, but seriously!
Of course it could have been worse. About a month ago someone called SP to schedule a sitting, but he wanted to "surprise" his girlfriend, with an evening sitting in his apartment, on a bearskin rug, with naked shots of her whole (I mean whole-yes that is what I mean) body. It took awhile for me to figure out what he was talking about. He kept saying how awesome her body was and that she had really "blossomed." I turned that one down. Shocker.


Allison said...

Wow a whole naked family! I had the opportunity of shooting a valentines day "present" for the husbands of 2 sisters and their mom a while back. They were all women and I was far from comfortable. It is funny how in school I was confident that I would be fine doing nudes and sure that I could do them so tasteful. Yeah in reality not so much, I thought they ended up more porn-ish than anything. You are a stronger woman than I. I told my husband that was the last time I go there! Funny Story.

brad&sav said...

hahahaha!!!! that is so freaking funny! i think i would have burst out laughing no matter what!!!hahaha!!!! by the way, i love the pictures you took! i haven't put any on my blog cause we don't have a dvd on my dumb computer!!! so i looked at them on my sisters and i just need to go get them printed! good thing we are planning on getting a lap top soon!

Alli said... are so funny! I am laughing out loud in my office as I'm reading your posts. Who gets naked photos of themselves???Are they putting them on the wall?? Seriously, people are freaking weird..

Tara and Dan Stewart said...


Dan and I totally should have dis-robed at the Salt Lake... Nothing like having a huge belly and weiner staring at you in the face. Oops. Too blunt?

And, I loved how that guy used the word, "blossomed."