Friday, July 11, 2008

{You Know You Want To}

Scott and I have an extra pair of tickets we are selling to next Saturday's (the 19th) Elvis Costello and Police concert. Scott was getting a little trigger happy and ended up buying 4 tickets (he really, really likes the Police). Anyway, if anyone is interested we are selling them here for less than we paid for them. It is a sweet deal and a should be an even sweeter concert. Hope to see you there.


shan & andrew said...

OOOH! I WANT THEM! K, I'm calling Scott NOW

Rob & Kelli said...

Man, oh man, am I jealous. That is going to be such a good concert!!! Have fun you guys!

shan & andrew said...

We can't come to the concert. :(
Enjoy it for us though!
Oh, JC Penny's has metal bistro tables on clearance for $25!!! So cute and black! They're at South Towne Mall in Penny's by the escalators. If you still want one!