Monday, July 7, 2008

{Part One-4th of July}

Last year, when we bought the house, the very first thing the neighbors told us was that we could see the Murray fireworks from our front lawn. At that moment I decided Scott and I were throwing a Paaarty next 4th of July. So here it is, our real first party. Yes, we have been married 8 years, but we have also been renting for almost 8. There has never been the space...until now. Sure our house is only almost 1600 square feet, but we have almost a 1/3 acre lot. Plenty of space for bacci ball, croquet and badminton. Although the party wore us out, we had a blast. Thanks everyone for coming to Scott and Lindsey's 1st (but not last) 4th of July extravaganza.

Rourke, showing us how it is done old school.
Belle, Cinderella, Aurora. Avery later informed me that she doesn't like Jessie.

Velma, pretending to relax.
Never any pictures of the photographer. This is all I got.

Kyle (my brother), severely depressed that Shelby ditched him. 17-year-old girls can be lame sometimes. Cheer up buttercup.

I was super obsessed with my cupcakes.

My dad.

Amber pushed a cupcake into the center of the table where George couldn't reach and told him he could have it if it he could get it. That is my kind of parenting.

My sister.

I didn't eat all day (unless you count cream cheese frosting), but then for some reason I wasn't hungry for all of my food. Stress, you are bad for my health!

Oliver wanted to be everywhere at once. Avery wasn't so thrilled when he wanted her towel.

Colby (my brother) showing off his new gap. He pulled that tooth out in the middle of the bar-b-que. Hello Tooth Fairy.

Everyone now. Ohhh, awwww. So pretty.


shan & andrew said...

Love it! The food, the cupcakes, the fireworks...oh, and the hawaiian shirts! ;)

What a great party! I need the recipe for the cupcake frosting!

Robin said...

SO fun! What a great First Annual 4th of July Party! You are clearly the hostess with the mostest.:)

Taryn said...

Cooper loved looking at the pictures! He wanted to know who everyone was he didn't know! Love you! Looks like a great party!

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

ah man!!! Your party looks waaaay funner than being hunched over a toilet all day. I'm bummed I missed it :(

Tim & Amber said...

What a Party! We had a blast! Thanks for inviting us. Even sick Tim pulled through and enjoyed himself. I love, love, love, love the pictures and I am considering linking my 4th of July post to yours! :)