Thursday, July 17, 2008

{Good Times}

Amazingly, I don't have any weddings this Friday or Saturday. In honor of my one free weekend Scott and I have tons of fun planned. On the docket,

Batman (yes, I know, we are so cool that we bought our tickets in advance)
Gallery Stroll
Nacho Libre in the park

Farmer's Market
Ok, nothing planned here
Police concert

Doesn't that sound fun? It does to me. I need a little fun now and then.

Oh, last weekend Scott and I went to the drive-inn. I love going to the drive-inn. I love photographing with my polaroid at the drive-inn. The workers kept staring at me. I guess I was looking all old-school photographing their street cones and no parking signs with my super awesome camera. I told them I was an art student. Not really true anymore, but people kind of nod in agreement when you say that. One day I will buy a scanner. Maybe when I actually book another wedding. Got 2 so far--outside of SPP of course.


shan & andrew said...

I love gallery strolls and farmers market! Oh, and Nacho Libre is so freakin' funny! My fav line: "Chancho, sometimes when you are a man, in your room, you wear stretchy pants. It's for fun."

Have a great weekend!!!

Taryn said...

Have a fun time!

Rob and Kelli said...

Not too shabby of a weekend. Sounds pretty nice to me!!!