Tuesday, July 8, 2008

{Umbrellas of Cherbourg}

Sometimes I like to watch foreign films. It is a coup if I can get Scott to watch them with me. I'm most familiar with French films thanks to 4 years of high school French. For a long time I thought I'd live in France, but I married someone who loves Italian so my allegiance has since switched. I thought I'd spotlight a few of my favorites over the next month. This weeks feature is Umbrellas of Cherbourg, a new one for me. I had been wanting to watch Umbrella's for a really long time and Scott was super sweet and got it for me for my birthday. The whole movie is sung and is a homage to American musicals. I thought it was lovely.
What are some of your favorite foreign films? I'd love to see something else as wonderful.

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caitlin said...

I will have to watch this one. I love how romantic foreign films are. I love that they just feel different. I will have to think about any that I could recommend and get back to you.